Recent business bestselling business books Blink (Malcolm Gladwell) and Thinking Fast and Slow (Daniel Kahneman) reinforce the age-old theory that first impressions are incredibly important.

Professionals who meet with clients in an office setting give a lot of thought to the first impression they make with clients.

To that end, they put a lot of thought into choosing the right area of town, even down to selecting the zip code or street address.

First impressions of prospective clients or partners are influenced as they arrive for a first meeting. They subconsciously form an opinion as they enter the lobby of the building. They are developing an opinion in a reception area. Finally, and perhaps most personally, they evaluate the office e...

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May18, 2017

Montgomery, TX

Aviation-themed furniture has been huge in recent years. But for aviation aficionados, who are looking to furnish an upscale home or a small to medium sized office, most of the pieces on the market are too large, too awkward, or simply too much metal to be gracefully worked into an interior design.


The Flight Level Signature Desk

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