Artisan Creates High End Furniture With an Aviation Inspiration

May 19, 2017

Montgomery, TX


Aviation-themed furniture has been huge in recent years. But for aviation aficionados, who are looking to furnish an upscale home or a small to medium sized office, most of the pieces on the market are too large, too awkward, or simply too much metal to be gracefully worked into an interior design.


FLF Wing Desk.jpg

The Flight Level Signature Wing Desk


Flight Level Furnishings, founded by artisan Randy Woodcock, has a solution. As a career artisan, specializing in creation and restoration of architectural millwork, he has found a niche that combines art and passion.

Woodcock started early in his father’s wood shop, but he has always had a passion for aviation. “For 30 years, I've been in the architectural wood restoration refinishing business, both residential and commercial. My main focus today is commercial, high-end architectural environments,” said Woodcock.

“After attending a regional fly-in a few years ago, I decided, if I can apply the craft and skill set that I have in wood fabrication, refinishing and building to aviation, that would just be more fun than working on a cabinet that hangs on a wall. I've slowly created these ideas and designs. And everybody loves them,” He explained.

Each of his creations is uniquely handcrafted to the client’s specifications.

Woodcock enjoys working with designers, and uses the experience, connections and processes he’s learned in 30 years of custom commercial woodworking. He obtains unique species and finishes of wood, and provides control samples and participates in the design process to craft each piece to be the perfect balance of wood, metal, glass, and colors to suit the room and the owner’s desires.

Sizes of most Flight Level Furnishings pieces can be adjusted, and thoughtfully accommodate modern details. For instance, the Flight Level Signature Wing Desk incorporates a quiet motorized uplift mechanism, so it can be used in either a seated or standing configuration, as well as communication, power & data systems.

Flight Level Furnishing’s most popular designs include the Wing Desk, the Flight Level Taxiway Credenza, custom library tables that include aviation graphics or local sectional charts, and striking three dimensional wall art.

Woodcock is currently accepting “position orders” for a limited edition of twenty unique executions of the Flight Level Signature Wing Desk. Just as a buyer places a position order with Gulfstream or Dassault for a custom private jet and selects the configuration, furnishings and paint; the buyer of a Signature Wing Desk has the opportunity to select size, options for the motorized uplift function, wood species, and finish. Woodcock works with the buyer, designer and/or architect to provide control samples of selected materials, and even arranges for details such as the placement of grommets in the glass top for wiring access points based on the client’s preferences in computer equipment placement.

About Flight Level Furnishings

Randy Woodcock of Flight Level Furnishings creates fine furniture pieces that combine wood, metal, glass, and colors for home, office or commercial décor. A passion for aviation, craftsmanship, and architectural finishing is included in each design. Flight Level Furnishings is located in Montgomery, Texas, and can be reached at 281-639-6397, online at, and can be found on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.